Silk Road Research Center is an independent, nonpartisan research center of the Ala-Too International University with the mission of conducting an unbiased research and providing practical innovative recommendations.
The Research Center will study important developments in economic, political, social and educational spheres and communicate the impact of these developments. We are aimed at promoting and disseminating innovative ideas, democratic and human rights values, fostering the economic and social welfare, and encouraging more open and cooperative international systems.
The Center seeks to bring together a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding the research activities and cumulate academic data in their fields of studies.
The Center is also aimed at providing a platform for discussion for various actors, such as academics, researchers, politicians, members of NGOs, civil society activists, businesspersons, writers, journalists, and others.
Through its seminars, conferences, congresses, publications, books, monographs, periodicals, and articles, the Center will raise public awareness and stimulate debate on various public policies and important developments in its fields of study.



Zeki Pektash, Assoc. Prof., PhD. in Pedagogy

E-mail: zeki.pektash@iaau.edu.kg
Tel: (996-312) 63 14 25, 63 14 26 ext 1060



E-mail: elvira.muratkyzy@iaau.edu.kg
Tel: (996-312) 63 14 25, 63 14 26 ext 1060

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Silk Road Research Center of
Ala-Too International University
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  • Tel: (996 – 312) 63 14 26 ,ext 1060
  • Fax: (996 – 312) 63 04 09

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